How To Order BEFORE You Become A Member

The easiest way to get your hands on these amazing products is to become a member by getting any of the starter kits mentioned in the 'Get Started' tab. This way you don't have to order through anyone  (aka. no middle man). You can order whatever you want, whenever you want! #holla. I recommend getting started with the Premium Starter Kit because it is the most bang-for-your-buck and gets you started on the right foot.

Once you get your starter kit, you are now a YL member and can shop for 24% off on all products. To keep your membership active, you just have to spend 50 PV (roughly $50) per years. That's it! 

How To Order Again AFTER You Become A Member

After you are a member, there are 2 ways to order. Begin by going to, click on Virtual Office and login using the login you created when you first signed up. If you don't remember your login, contact us and we can help you find it.

Option 1: Shop

(previously called Quick Order)


You can place as many 'Shop' orders in a month as you want. You do not receive any points back on these orders nor is there discounted shipping. This is also the place you would go to redeem Essential Rewards points for free products. 

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Option 2: Essential Rewards (ER)

Essential Rewards is Young Living's optional monthly loyalty program. They reward their members who are loving the products and ordering consistently. The best way to reap the amazing benefits these products truly have to offer is to use them every single day. 

You get ONE Essential Rewards order per month. Depending how long you are on Essential Rewards, you can earn between 10-25% back on each order to redeem on free products. Young Living will also send you loyalty gifts when you have been on ER for a certain amount of months. There is also discounted shipping offered for ER members. The monthly minimum to be on Essential Rewards is 50 PV (basically $50). This is way easy to do when you begin to swap out products in your home that you were buying at the store with YL alternatives (for example, household cleaner.)

To get enrolled in ER, login to your Virtual Office and click on Essential Rewards and follow the prompts. Fill your cart up to at least 50 PV and pick the date you want your order process. Easy peasy.

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