Essential Rewards is Young Living's optional monthly loyalty program. It is 1000% worth it! Young Living rewards its members for loving the products and ordering consistently. The best part is that it is completely customizable - you get to choose everything that comes in your box each month. You also get to choose that date that it processes and can change this every month as needed.

Check out the graphic on the right to see all the deets. Did you see that you can earn up to 25% back on your orders to spend on free products?! That's way more than I earn at any other store I shop at or on any credit card I use. On top of that, you will get reduced shipping and free gifts when you hit certain months, just by being on it!


The minimum you have to spend is 50 PV (basically $50) each month, which is super easy to do once you begin swapping out products you were already buying with clean, YL alternatives.

To join, log in to your account at, click on Essential Rewards, and follow the prompts.

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Ever heard of Transfer Buying??

Think about some of the products you use everyday. Toothpaste. Deodorant. Household cleaner. Shampoo. Conditioner. Hand soap. Lotion. Vitamins. The list goes on right?

You're spending money on those products, regardless where you get them from. What if instead of making numerous trips to the store or multiple stores, you bought all that stuff in one place? Did you know Young Living makes all that stuff?? YOU BET! They are so much more than just essential oils. 

By buying this stuff through Young Living instead of going to the store, you are just transferring where that money is being spent, which means no extra $$$ out of your pocket. Young Living is not meant to be an added expense. It is an 'instead of' expense. And you can earn up to 25% back on your orders! So not only is it convenient to get these items shipped to your door each month, you can actually SAVE money by shopping this way.

Once you join our team, we will teach you so many different hacks we have discovered throughout the years to make your products stretch and get you the most bang for your buck. That Thieves Laundry Soap you just bought? Yeah we can stretch that into 3 bottles. Now that's #scentsable. 

Free shipping!

Another perk about being on Essential Rewards is the option to sign up for YLGO or YLGO+. You know that super popular online shopping site their brother shops at that offers free shipping? But did you forget you pay a yearly fee for that? Well YLGO is the same concept! You pay a flat yearly fee and now shipping on your ER orders is FREE (and ships quicker!). Here's the low-down:


- 12 ER shipping credits

- Priority order processing

- $19.99 overnight shipping upgrade

Costs: $59 for 12 months


- 12 ER shipping credits

- 24 flex credits that can be used on One-Time Order shipments during the first 12 months

- The flexibility of choosing Essential Rewards orders or Quick Orders

- Priority order processing

- $19.99 overnight shipping upgrade

- Discounted standard shipping on orders once all shipping credits have been used

Costs: $129 for 12 months

YLGO+ is the way to go if you find yourself ordering on One-Time Order every month. I earn points back on my ER and spend them in the same month so it's nice to not have to pay for shipping each time. #frugalshopper

To learn more about YLGO/YLGO+, click the link below.