Did you know that when you became a YL member, you automatically became eligible to earn commissions without having to do anything additional?! This is unlike any other company I have seen. The minute you become a YL member, you have a referral link you can share with anyone and everyone!


Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!


If you are a Young Living member and haven't taken a look at the income opportunity, you need to. ASAP. It is too amazing not to take advantage of. Our only regret is not taking advantage of this sooner. First and most importantly, we fell in love with the products. This is huge, especially if you want to get your friends on board. You would never recommend something you didn't like or use, would you? Once you fall in love with the products and find something that works for you, you'll naturally share it with your friends. How cool would it be if you could get paid for that??

UMM...YOU CAN! And the best part is that you can do this however you want. 

How many times have you recommended a shirt you got at Target to a friend? What about a new movie you just saw? Did you get paid for that? I'm guessing probably not.


Do you love your oils? Your thieves cleaner? Your face wash? Then tell someone! Y’all. Young Living will literally PAY YOU to share products you love with your friends. They don’t pay for advertising/marketing because they want their people to speak for them. It’s the most genuine form of advertising there is. 


Do you read customer reviews before buying products online? Why is that? Because you trust someone who has used the product before you get it. THIS IS THE SAME THING. I would not recommend a product to a friend that I didn’t personally like, use, or believe in.

Be sure to click through all the tabs in the 'Income Opportunity' section to learn more about how you can earn an extra income just by sharing Young Living with others using your referral link. #financialfreedom