Oils are EVERYWHERE. They have become so mainstream and you can find them in almost every store these days. But if you are someone who has never heard about essential oils before, you have come to the right place, friend.

So what exactly are they?

Essential oils are the essence of the plant - the life-blood. They give the plant its unique scent and flavor. They are carefully extracted from trees, flowers, herbs, rinds of fruit, and other parts of the plant.

You know when you snap a pine needle in half and can smell all the amazingness? That's the essential oil of the plant seeping out. Essential oils try to protect the plant from various forces in nature and have properties that can benefit us too. WOAH!

Are they effective?

They are SUPER effective if you get the right oils. Quality makes a HUGE difference when it comes to essential oils which is why we only trust Young Living Essential Oils. They have incredibly high standards and have been in the oil game longer than any other company. They are experts at what they do.


Oils are so much more than just yummy smells.


Since essential oils are such tiny molecules, they are able to get in the blood stream and support your cells quickly and effectively. They are natural tools to help our bodies do what they were created to do.

Oils can help support:

> sleep 

> digestion

> immunity

> aches

> focus

> balance

> breathing

> emotions


I could go on forever! They can also help replace so many harsh cleaners and personal care products that you use, which is one of the main reasons we got started in the first place.


There are so many ways to use oils topically. Drop the oil into the palm of your hand straight out of the bottle to apply 'neat' or add to a dollop of carrier oil* and rub on the skin. You can also make blends in roller bottles depending on what issues you are dealing with. Oils are quickly absorbed into the skin and are very effective this way.

*A carrier oil is any type of fatty vegetable oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, Young Living's V-6, etc.) that helps change the concentration of the oil but not the therapeutic benefits - super helpful when using oils on little ones.


Diffusing daily can benefit your mood, sleep, stress levels, air quality, and can help you ditch those harmful candles and air fresheners. You can also add drops of oil onto diffuser jewelry or inhale straight our of the bottle or the pals of your hands. Studies have shown that oils affect the limbic area of the brain which is directly linked to your emotions.


Young Living oils are the only oils we would ever recommend taking internally because they are so pure. Because of this, YL has an entire Vitality line of oils that are clearly marked with white labels so you know they are safe to take internally. Oils you get from the store may contain fillers or synthetics, which you most definitely don't want to consume. Add a drop or two of citrus oils to your water. You can add drops to an empty vegetable capsule with a carrier oil and take them with your supplements. There are many recipes you can make with oils.


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essential oils and why we got started.