Wholesale Membership

Allows you to shop online at the discounted wholesale prices (24% off retail!). No obligation, no minimum, no monthly commitment. Login to your own account to shop online for whatever, whenever just like you do for other retailers. The only requirement to maintain your membership is to place a 50PV (approx. $50) order each YEAR. It really is THAT simple!

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Wholesale Membership
Essential Rewards
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Optional Essential Rewards Program

Monthly promotional products with your order of 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV or 300 PV.

Young Living Education

Young Living offers amazing support, educational materials, Facebook Lives, Conventions, Rallies, and more! Their blog, Instagram, and Facebook page have numerous resources as well!

Abundantly Scentsable Team

Young Living is a referral based company for a reason. They don't want anyone going it alone on their wellness journey, so everyone is connected to a team. (The way you get connected is with a person's member number.) The team you're connected to is where you will find additional support, events, and ongoing education. We support our members every step of the way, including helping you set up custom plans to support your health goals, access to our private Facebook group, specialty classes, DIY workshops, giveaways, and much more. We absolutely love our community & would love to have you join us!

Comp. Op
Compensation Opportunity

Earning money with Young Living is a completely optional potential benefit for members. We share things we love with the people we love all the time, and this is no different. Young Living recognizes people when they help someone else get started with Young Living. And how do you do that? When your friends decide they want to sign up like you did, you simply give them your member number to type into the referral box. Then Young Living will send you a thank you check and your friend is also connected to our team for all the support! How cool is that?!