Retail Customer

This is a option gets you access to Young Living's essential oils and products without a starter kit; however, everything will be at Retail Price (24% more) so I never recommend getting started this way.

Basic Membership - $35

This is a better option because it allows you to shop online at the discounted wholesale prices (24% off retail!). No obligation, no minimum, no autoship. Log into your own account to shop online for whatever, whenever just like you do for other retailers. The only requirement to maintain your membership is to place a 50PV (approx. $50) order each YEAR. It really is THAT simple! Use one of the quick links at the right to get started!

Premium Membership - $125-165*

The best option, is to get started as a member by purchasing one of the Premium Starter Kits. These bundled kits save you money and are a great way to have everything you need to get started. (Pro Tip: Whenever Young Living bundles items, you save more money!) Plus these kits include the $35 Basic Membership fee in the price already. They are such a great investment in your health. Use one of the quick links at the right to get started!

*Price depends on the kit that is purchased. See the Premium Starter Kit options pictured on the right.

Premium Membership (see above)
with Essential Rewards

This option would be beyond best because you get to grab your wholesale membership with a Premium Starter Kit AND get started on Essential Rewards (ER)* right away. We can help you design a customized plan to meet your goals & budget, so that you know what you want to order each month. (People continue to tell us that they wish they had started with ER right away so they could have started earning more points back sooner.) Use one of the quick links at the right to get started!

*Essential Rewards orders:

  • 50PV (~$50+shipping/tax)

  • Access reduced shipping costs

  • Access exclusive monthly rewards

  • Earn a generous percentage back to spend on future one-time orders

  • Free to join

  • Free to cancel anytime (just be sure to use your points first)

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